JSC Aid Group was founded in 2016. The company works to supply the small and large businesses, enterprises with household goods, detergents, lubricants and stationery. Aid Group is steadily growing and developing every day that is why today it is known as one of the leading and reliable distribution companies on the market! Moreover the company has acquired many satisfied and loyal customers! Our task is to create a simple, sophisticated and uninterrupted supply chain throughout Georgia!  


Priorities of the company:


1. High-quality and diverse products/ services; low prices


Aid Group company offers customers high-quality products and services; wide range of products, including products of its own production (brand “Supta” - clean)


2. Target segment of the market and satisfied customer


Our goal is to keep up with the constantly changing market standards, trends and to respond rapidly to new challenges. We realize that the best advertisement is a satisfied customer! That is why we try to constantly listen to them, understand their desires and create products that will exactly meet the needs and requirements of target segment of the market!


3. Relations with suppliers, corporate clients and society


The company seeks to obtain and maintain friendly, reliable, favourable relationships in the long term, both with suppliers and corporate clients, as well as with potential consumers and the society.


4. Highly qualified staff, teamwork


We create equally comfortable conditions both for consumers and our employees. Professionals and highly qualified personnel, their diligence and dedicated work, warm and friendly atmosphere, sophisticated internal and external communication - contribute to the emergence of new ideas and their further implementation, thus the promotion and success of the company!


5. Healthy competition


As you know, a highly competitive environment is a big business incentive! The so-called “Fair Play” is a high standard of business culture! We respect our competitors and try to constantly be in good shape, in order not to yield our leading positions!


6. Continuous progress and development


“Continuous progress, development and unconditional leadership” is our ambitious but realistic plan for the present and the future!


7. Reliability, prestige, operational efficiency


These are the epithets that Aid Group unconditionally deserves.


Thank you for your collaboration!